Digests should be prepared in Russian and English and include: title of the paper, text of digest, keywords.

Digest format – max. 700 characters with spaces, single-spaced, 14pt Times New Roman. Separate keywords or word groups by commas. Please define all abbreviations in a footnote or within parenthesis the first time they appear in the text. Please, do not use abbreviations in the title of paper. Do not include illustrations, charts or tables in the text of the digest.

Additionally the digest should have further information about the author:

- author(s) first name, middle name, surname (in Russian and in English)
- affiliation(s), country, city, position, academic degree, rank (in Russian and English), e-mail, phone.


Papers must be prepared in English or Russian.

The file extension is – DOC(X) or RTF. The total volume of the text of your paper must not exceed 20 000 characters with spaces, including charts and references. Times New Roman 14 point, single-spaced; automatic hyphenation. Margins: left, top, bottom and right – 2,5 сm. Indented line – 1,25 cm. Please do not number pages. Charts and illustrations must be numbered, centred and entitled. References to charts and illustrations should be in the main text of paper.

Please do not use endnotes, footnotes and page header/footer.

List and number all bibliographical references at the end of your paper. The author is responsible for the accuracy of information, citing and links to official documents and other sources. Enclose the citation number in square brackets, for example [1]. Where appropriate, include the name(s) of editors of referenced books. References must be prepared in compliance with GOST R 7.05-2008 «Bibliographical references».

Paper Structure:

– Paper title
– Authors information (names, academic rank, position, affiliation(s), city)
– 5 - 6 key words;
– The body of paper
– References