National research N.P.Ogarev Mordovia State University invites to attend the round table discussions pertaining to

«Lifelong education for sustainable development»

held within the grant activities “Lifelong education without dimension:
opportunities in the Russian-European integration (LED)”
Saransk 12-15 April 2016

The round table is supported by the European Union Jean Monnet programme (Lifelong Learning Programme, the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency), which aims at the development of research and education on European integration.

Lifelong education is essential to creating a unified educational space, harmonisation of different educational systems, acquaintance with European and Russian experience in modernisation of education. Lifelong education allows you to broaden the students, teachers’ mobility, to strengthen academic links and co-operation among universities at the international level. The higher education systems in conditions of sustainable development become more transparent, maximally comparable.

To contribute to round table sessions the following categories of participants are invited: teaching staff and scholars, graduate students, postgraduate students, undergraduate students from higher academic institution and vocational educational institutions, as well as representatives of state and local authorities, public organisations, business entities, individual entrepreneurs.

1. Issues of ensuring lifelong education in accordance with the concept of sustainable development.

2. EU countries’ experience in organising lifelong education.

3. Networking in carrying out lifelong education with EU universities.

4. Professional ethics for sustainable development.

The working languages are English and Russian. Moderators are teaching staff and scholars from leading international and Russian universities.

Prospective attendees present their materials in two formats: a talk on the topic or personal attendance only. Materials of the round table will be published in the Proceedings of the round table and indexed in the RSCI.

To apply, please, sent electronically the completed registration form to the Organising Committee before March 20, 2016, full text of paper before March 28, 2016 LED2015-2016@yandex.ru.

Contact persons:

Averina Olga e-mail,: oiaverina@mail.ru
Gorbunova Natalia, e-mail: n_a_gorbunowa@mail.ru
Moskaleva Elena, e-mail: moskaleva_EG@list.ru